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☆ Chris Jylkke - Deep Dope Disco (Sept 2014) ☆




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Sarah Batt by photographer Daniel Roche for Institute Magazine

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the shirt is fly. i might have to get back on that skull wave. 

the shirt is fly. i might have to get back on that skull wave. 

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Lupe Fiasco - Next To It ft. Ty Dolla $ign [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

i probably already blogged it but fuck it. my tumblr looks better with this joint next to it.


does shitty music exist?

I mean, I know there is music that I don’t like. well, at least I thought there was shit I didn’t like. Everything has it’s place at this point in my life. I don’t know if my interests and experiences have changed and deepened my understanding of music (i mean…i’ts pretty straightforward). Maybe I’m lying to myself. Hopefully, I don’t have a drug problem or I am not some kind of entitled douche. One because drugs are bad and two, if I am entitled to something…it’d be nice for that to start kicking in about yesterday. I don’t know what the fuck it is but I’m starting to think that all music is good.

Now when I say all music is good, I’m not saying I have a nirvana song on an ipod full of rap or that Macklemore is ok. Nope. I’m talking real shit, niggas. Let me recall the ways.

When I was 18 I was maybe a more that a little pretentious but I had good intentions. And I grew out of it quickly when I got my own place at 19. Blah…to the point, I had a band. I mean I rapped and I grew up in a really white ass town. So, I rapped because we didn’t have that but I still listened to the stuff on the radio a la Freddie Mercury. And yes, there was a lot of Gaga but that wasn’t until i was older. I mean we were all raised on the same general shit. I got more than enough of the mainstream but I also (slightly against my will) listend to plenty of gospel when I was a papoose. Around that I heard a lot of RnB and Jazz. Soul and eventually…when I got the balls to be sneaky enough and napster was a thing, I got into rap. Well not too soon after the golden era of low pants and long shirts, I became pretty fucking depressed. There are a bunch of reasons I could put the blame on but let’s just say I was 17 and the only black person i knew that did any of the things i liked to do (who wasn’t on television). Becoming depressed but still being the social…uhh…anomaly(?) that I was back then, i mad new friends. White ones, with hair products and guitars and a whole other set of shit to be angry about. We cliq’d. And somewhere in there we smoked weed and made a blood oath about some inconsequential. Promises, Promises.

So I was in a band for years that played pop/rap/grunge/punk and that led me to meet a lot of other bands. No, I did not like most of the other bands. But I liked the general sound and the people in those bands as individuals were great. And being around so many people, you start to get those eyes. You know the eyes. It’s like now when I see a comic that isn’t that funny but I respect him because he’s cool. Or a funny guy that is a dick but I can’t deny his funny. Or someone that isn’t funny or cool, but they don’t hurt anybody. it’s like…you just understand and that makes people who suck, suck less in your ‘eyes’. Because at one point you sucked at whatever you’re good at now.

I’m getting off track. But I have the eyes now about music. I have seen some of the worst bands ever and I loved it. I saw Motionless in White, before they were a thing…if they ever really became a thing. I saw hella noise rock bands and solo electric guitar/keyboard acts near southern beaches. I’ve seen some of the most emo bands ever. I’ve seen amateur rappers all over the place. I just find it hard to hate a lot of things these days. Maybe that’s what it is. I am in such a good mood, for some strange reason lol, that everything is totally fucking awesome. “HEY RANDALL…WANNA HEAR SOME MUSIC?”

"iono…what kind?"

"volcanic ska/metal w/ a swedish DJ with the copyright symbol in the middle of his name!"

"K." *contented 2 step*

This post is way longer than I wanted it to be but I’m still not going to proofread or edit it, per usual. I’m just going to stop right around here. Pretend I said something profound.

Music doesn’t suck. None of it sucks! And it’s inside you, boys and girls. Just remember that whenever you are feeling down you can always whistle a melody or slap a beat on your lap. You’ll never be lonely or without motivation to keep it moving once you unlock the true power of music of the heart.

lmao. jk.

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